Bicycle and Pedestrian Facilities Plan Amendment

Stafford County is undertaking an effort to update its Bicycle and Pedestrian Facilities Plan, an element of the Comprehensive Plan. This will serve as a guide for future improvements. This page serves as the central location to stay informed on this effort.

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Draft Plan:

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Purpose of the Amendment

Bicycle and pedestrian facilities are utilized for transportation and recreational purposes by County residents, employees, and visitors. Projects such as the Belmont-Ferry Farm Trail provide greater access to the County’s natural and historical resources.  Multi-use trails, sidewalks, and bike lanes provide recreation and non-vehicular access to public facilities, neighborhoods, and commercial areas. These facilities can be a great benefit to the community by reducing vehicle traffic as a result of providing alternate means of transportation, supporting economic development initiatives by providing an attractive environment for businesses and their employees, and improving the overall health of the residents.

In 1996, the Board adopted Stafford County’s first Bicycle and Pedestrian Facilities Plan as part of the Comprehensive Plan. The 2016 Comprehensive Plan includes two action items relating to bicycle and pedestrian facilities: 1) an item to update to the Bicycle and Pedestrian Facilities Plan, and 2) an item to explore the potential for trails to be located within major utility easements. Staff is currently working on updating the Bicycle and Pedestrian Facilities Plan to reflect current conditions, facility needs, related planning efforts, and other factors.

Upcoming Meetings

  • Public Hearing -- Board of Supervisors                                                                                         September 3, 2019, at 7:00 p.m.                                                                                                   Board Chambers - George L. Gordon, Jr., Government Center Building

Status Updates

What do you think?

The most effective Plans include a broad range of input from the community. We encourage you to provide comments on the information above, and welcome any input regarding bicycle and pedestrian facilities that may assist us in the plan development process.

Please email any questions or comments to Brian Geouge.