Planning and Zoning Staff Directory

Staff members are identified by their area of responsibility.  If you have a Planning and Zoning related question, find the category most closely related to your question and contact the identified staff person.  If you are uncertain who to speak to, contact us at (540) 658-8668 or and we will direct you to the appropriate staff person.

Jeff Harvey
Director of Planning and Zoning

Kathy Baker
Assistant Director / PDR Program Administrator


For Information On Contact Title
Office Manager
Board of Supervisors Reports (Planning Items)                         
• Wetlands Board
• Chesapeake Bay Board
• Coastal Primary Sand Dunes Board                             

Denise Knighting Administrative Manager
Agendas / Minutes
• Planning Commission
• Board of Zoning Appeals
Web-Site Administrator

Stacie Stinnette         Senior Administrative Associate
Agendas / Minutes
• Agricultural / Purchase of
   Development Rights (PDR) Committee 
• Historical Commission
• Architectural Review Board 

Lindsey Marr Senior Administrative Associate

Land Preservation / Historic Preservation

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Historical Commission
Architectural Review Board
Kathy Baker Assistant Director / PDR 
Program Administrator
Agricultural / Purchase of 
  Development Rights (PDR) Committee                  
Kathy Baker

Assistant Director / PDR
Program Administrator
Environmental Planner
Cemetery Committee Joseph Fiorello Environmental Planner

Development Review

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Commercial Site Plans
Residential Subdivision Plans
Technical Review Committee (TRC) 
Grading Plans
Infrastructure Plans
Subdivision Plats
Family Subdivisions
Boundary Line Adjustment Plats
Dedication Plats
Plats of Vacation
Andrea Hornung

Principal Planner
Senior Planner

General Planning Questions
Application Processing - Plan Intake & Routing
Street Naming & Addressing
Miranda Critzer
Planning Technician II

Long Range

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Comprehensive Plan
Rezoning & Conditional Use
   Permit Applications
Proffer Administration
Demographics / Census Information          
Michael Zuraf Principal Planner
Senior Planner


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Zoning Determinations
Vesting Determinations                                                            
Proffer Interpretations
Douglas Morgan Zoning Administrator
Commercial Permits
Sign Permits
Zoning Verifications
Board of Zoning Appeals
Melody Musante        Deputy Zoning Administrator
Complaints / Violations
Commercial Site Inspections                                                   
Zoning Questions
Donald Cox  Zoning Technician II
Zoning Technician II