2020 Reassessment Information

A letter from the Commissioner...

Thank you for your interest in Stafford County’s 2020 reassessment. The Stafford County code requires the Commissioner of the Revenue to reassess property every two years. Property is assessed at 100% of the fair market value. The purpose of the reassessment notice is to notify you what the value of your property is on January 1, 2020. For tax purposes, January 1 is considered “tax day” and will ultimately be used to determine your real property tax bill for calendar year 2020.

If you do not agree with the proposed value of your property that is stated on your Reassessment Notice, you have the right to appeal. It is important to note that the Commissioner’s office is charged with (1) determining the fair market value of your property and (2) being fair and equitable in our assessments. Anyone who wishes to appeal is encouraged to provide sales information and any other data that may show inequities. Appeal forms we be available in either a 
pdf format or a fillable online form. The appeal deadline is March 16, 2020.

You might find the 
Stafford Assessments Online helpful as you prepare your appeal. The site allows you to easily search sales in your neighborhood and comparable neighborhoods. We do not consider appeals to be adversarial and are more concerned with getting the assessment correct than proving we are right. Although we may not agree, we will respectfully hear your appeal and do our best to arrive at an appropriate value.

All the best,

Scott A. Mayausky
Commissioner of the Revenue